Prolonged Vacation?!

Some people may think that Erasmus program is like prolonged vacation. You can trust them or not, or you can check it yourself by becoming Erasmus student for example at Masaryk University in Brno. If you decide to do so, be prepared, it’s not gonna be easy!

Photo: Tomasz Kątnik’s archive

When after who knows how many hours of travel with different kinds of transportation you finally get to your destination called Vinarska, you have no idea of what you´ve just stepped into. You check in at the reception, get the key to your room and after five minutes of walking on the sticky floor with pieces of broken glass and spilled wine you’re in your room. “What the hell is this!? Why does this bathroom look like a train toilet from the 80’s?!”

Later you meet your new roommate with smiling face and bottle of beer in his or her hand. If you’re lucky he or she speaks English. If not, you would communicate only when you both are very drunk. That means you have long hours of discussions in front of you.

That’s not all. Another problem is a bunch of difficult questions that will bother you during your stay. How to get the 24-pack of beer up to this deadly Vinarska hill? How can I hide the fact that I’m cheating on my boyfriend or girlfriend that is waiting for me back home? How can I save on food to get more alcohol? Does the fact that I eat only TESCO VALUE food can affect my stomach in the future? What day is today?

There are also advantages. The most important day of your week is Wednesday. This is the day when you can get free food at the country presentation meeting. And later you have a chance to participate in weekly party in the great and famous Mandarin Club. What makes Mandarin Club so great and famous? This is one of these questions you will never get the answer to, like what the voice from the speaker in your dormitory room just said.

Of course everybody knows that the main goal of Erasmus program is to learn local language. Czech is difficult, but if you are systematic after couple of weeks you’re gonna be able to say: pivo prosím. If you’re male you can also definitely say: jak se máš? But the best way to improve your language is to hang out with the natives. With their help you’re gonna see improvement really quickly. For example you will be able to say: dvě piva prosím.

What is worth mentioning Erasmus is really harmful for your brain and liver. So if you still think that this exchange program is like a prolonged vacation you should listen how one female participant summarized Erasmus: “You wanna sleep – you sleep, you wanna drink – you drink, you wanna fuck – you fuck” …… cause you are right 🙂

Tomasz Kątnik